Cane Basket Crafting with Khalid

Hand Make Your Own Cane Basket.

We invite you to join us in this experience and start crafting your own handmade cane basket. This experience is 2 hours long, and will be assisting you throughout your whole journey: before, during, and also after you finish your experience.


In your first 30 mins, your host will provide you with a general overview of all the crafts that are made in the Ouleja Complex, the place where you are having your experience. Right after, we will go to our cane artist, Khalid. He is in his 40s, and he has his own workshop in the complex, where he’s been mastering his craft for decades. He crafts and handmakes many other products, and you will notice that as soon as we get to his workshop. However, we will focus on the baskets since they are the primary crafts in his collection. In the next 1h 30 mins, we will get to know Khalid and his industry and he will start instructing you of how to make the baskets step by step alongside your host’s assistance.

While having your experience, we will prepare Moroccan mint tea for you as it is a must in every Moroccan gathering, and also so that you can sip and enjoy a taste of Moroccan culture.

Try to documentate the experience with videos, your host is there to help you if you need help. Besides the basket that you will make, you get a basket of your choice from the medium size baskets that Khalid makes. assures you that you will have a great experience, and a lot of fun throughout the whole time.