Brand New Tourism

Brand New Tourism

By Ibrahim Gajoute

nothing is best than traveling to a new country or place. it opens the gate for the soul to grow and experience life. For that, one should prepare himself mentally and financially to this adventure to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, capitalism has made traveling beneficial to companies more than individuals by introducing them to the concept of Tourism. Travelers become tourists. they get on buses, travel to new cities, stay in hotels and enjoy their leisure, and repeat the cycle. 



Travel is not only about leisure, comfort, and sightseeing. It’s deeper than that. It is an opportunity for discovering new cultures and wisdom. To make that is by bounding with locals, get to know them, and embody their way of living.


The Moroccan experience provides experiences that make it possibles for travelers to live like locals. We do that by making activities with artisans. We believe that artisans are ideals locals because of their independence from capitalism. Also, they possess knowledge that makes them craft heritage of our culture.


The brand new tourism does not refer to travelers as tourists but as guests. that create an emotional connection of hospitality and generosity between the guests and the hosts. 


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