How The Moroccan Experience Helps travelers and Crafters

How The Moroccan Experience helps travelers and artisans

By Ibrahim Gajoute

The artisanal industry of Morocco is growing, however, if it does the wrong way a thousand of people who are making this industry vital are at stakes. Many challenges are manifesting, one of is the Chinnies attempts to copy our artisanal heritage, produce and export in mass quantities with low quality and price. Another obstacle is the need for expertise to support the artisanal industry. The problems that face the artisans are many. Our way to overcome them is to tackle one at a time.

Our goal is to engage the travelers into our culture, provide them with unique experiences that bound them to Moroccan locals. In those experiences, our guest gets the chance to break the stereotypes about Morocco, acquire knowledge about the artisanal industry that makes it easier for them to know where to buy good crafts with reasonable prices, not mentioning the emotional understanding of our artisanal domain with they try to make these products themselves.

Our experience does not benefit only our guests but the crafters as well. The Moroccan Experience is innovating a new way to generate income for the crafters, provide them with opportunities for cultural exchange, gain clients in the long term, and space for the crafter to present their works and craft.

Our end goal is to influence and impact most of the travelers and crafters in various cities of Morocco. We are starting our mission from a tight geographical place in Rabat/Sale, the artisans center in Rabat and the artisanal complex in Sale.

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