About Us

The Moroccan Experience is a social entreprise that provides Local&Unique experiences and artisanal handmade products.

We work hard to provide you the best quality Experiences

The Moroccan Experience strives to support the Moroccan artisanal industry and deliver quality local experiences to explorers that reflects our culture. We are starting from the Oulja artisanal complex in Sale, Rabat, Morocco. We are dedicated to improving the lives of the artisans in the complex financially and culturally.

Our Company

The Moroccan Experience drive is to provide local and unique experiences that embody our culture. We believe that foriegners should not come to Morocco as tourist, but as people who wants to live our culture as locals. We believe in impact, our purpose is to impact the lives of our clients and crafters. And, provide enviroment for them to impact us back

Our Team

Our team consists of three motivated individuals with growth mindset. We are do our best to reach our potentiel to deliver quality experience to our guests.

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We have a stock of artisanal product handmade by experienced artisans with years of experiences.