join the experience of a lifetime

Discovery walk

once we reach the complex, We will make a discovery walk to see all the crafts that the complex produce and to have a clear idea about the artisanal industry in Morocco.

Get your hands dirty

After finishing our walk, we will head to the crafting space in which you will meet Hamid, the artisan. He will start assisting you to make your first pots with his technical knowledge.

Decorating the pot

After this activity, you will be given a pot that you have to unleash your creativity and artistic side to decorate it.


We will be assisted with a professional photographer who will documentate your experience by vedios and images. You just enjoy your experience.

The timing of the experience

This experience is available all the week except Friday, From 3 to 5 PM. If you can't make it at this time email us and we will do our best to adapt.

Feel the magic of oulja complex

The experience in the Oulja complex in magican in itself. Isolated from the civilization and full od human art and creativity.

buddies recommending me

The host is very open-minded and has a good knowledge in traditional Moroccan crafting 🙂 There are many crafters at the place where you can see their products and even buy something and then bring with yourself. Brahim will reply to your questions while showing you the artisanal just before the course. The course itself has a great and friendly athmosphere.
Brahim is a fantastic guy with great English (and French and I'm sure others too) and made our day amazing. Totally relaxed and flexible and all the guys at the artisinal market are really friendly and cheerful. I cannot recommend this enough - don't miss out!
Liam Walls