join the experience of a lifetime

Discovery walk

This experience will start by a walk in which I will deliver to you some knowledge about the artinsal industry in Morocco and the leather market in Rabat.

Get your fingers working

Once we reach the center of Artisans, you will meet Abedallah, the artisan, he is very experienced in his domain. He will instruction you to craft the leader into a wallet, a bag, a handbag, a belt, a poof, bracelets and sandals. This experience is not limited to time. Once you finish your product your experience is at end.


We will be assisted with a professional photographer who will documentate your experience by vedios and images. You just enjoy your experience.

The timing of the experience

This experience is available all the week except Friday, From 1 to 3 PM. If you can't make it at this time email us and we will do our best to adapt.

Feel the magic of Artisan's center

The experience in the Oulja complex in magican in itself. Isolated from the civilization and full od human art and creativity.

buddies recommending me

I had a really great time making my leather wallet. Brahim was punctual, professional and informative. The Artisan was very experienced, hands on and fun to work with. I love Moroccan leather goods and this experience gave me an intimate look into the skill, dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Sip some Moroccan tea and let your creativity go to work. Highly recommended.
US Army